What is BUBU?

Buy Uganda Build Uganda (BUBU) is an initiative of the Government of Uganda through the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Co-operatives to promote the consumption/usage of locally originating products (goods and services). The policy was approved by Cabinet in 2014. It has three objectives namely:

To promote consumption of local goods and services. The current consumption/usage of local products like coffee, cotton, tea, cocoa, vanilla, leather and leather products, dairy products is below 10%. The major reason to this miserable consumption percentage is the negative perception that Ugandans have towards our local products. To address this, the Government will undertake media campaigns that with specific messages towards a given target group. Positive media involvement is key to the realization of this objective.

To promote the use and conformity to standards to guarantee quality goods and services. The current proportion of products that conform to standards is… Many of our local products are not well labelled and packaged, and therefore not attractive to consumers. this has led to the consumption/usage of imported products. it has alsobeen observed that some of our service suppliers are not sufficiently competent to meet all contractors' requirements. This has resulted into preference of foreign workers to the locals hence depriving locals of opportunities to be employed and earn income.

To provide capacity building programs to local suppliers of goods and services. 90% of Uganda's private sector is Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). These are characterized by informality, low technology, low production, low skill level, poor, packaging, inability to access finance, non-registration lack of access to Government procurement information among others.


The policy was developed out of the incessant demand by the private sector especially manufacturers to expand the domestic market for local products. The policy therefore aims at increasing the participation of local firms in domestic trade by mandatory Government procurement of locally made goods and services and undertaking measures to persuade the private sector (institutions and individuals) to consume/use local goods and services.

Uganda's persistent trade deficit is caused by the continued high import bill. The high import bill is majorly caused by the refusal of the domestic market to purchase locally available products like plastics, cement, eggs, beverages

Who can participate in BUBU?

Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies, PrivateSector institutions like manufacturers, schools hospitals universities, banks, and individual consumers. However, there is no compromise on standards and availability.

Benefits of BUBU

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