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Alam Group Scaling The Heights

Alam Group Scaling The Heights

October 29, 2019

Group makes international-quality products and is one of the leading trainers, employers and taxpayers in Uganda

For over 50 years, Alam Group has been a household name thanks to its product portfolio, which has grown from just aluminum and glass products to other items such as gumboots, sugar, cooking gas among others.

Founded by Manzur Alam, the company has grown business tentacles to support the construction sector in East Africa. In doing so, a host of other sister companies have been formed to further consolidate its set objectives.

Alam Group boasts of a wide range of prized products thus commanding market trends across the region. Other sister companies have been established in neighbouring countries including KUSCO in Kenya and Casements Africa Ltd in Kigali, Rwanda.

The Group, is also one of Uganda’s biggest tax payers, and is also among the biggest employers and on-the-job trainers – employing over 1,200 Ugandans.

Because of their high quality (products are both ISO and UNBS certified), the company’sproducts have been on high demand for decades.

That is why Alam Group management is very positive about the BUBU strategy.

 “I am very optimistic about the BUBU strategy as we have been lacking an organizational structure to bring local manufacturers together for a common cause of improving local manufacturing. I think it’s a very good initiative and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Ministry of Trade, Industry and cooperatives plus the Investment Review Publications for such an idea,” says….

He described the recent BUBU Expo as a great experience for local manufacturers as they showcased their products, which opened up a channel through which improvements in quality and increment in consumption becomes possible.

He is also optimistic that such a forum will help the government to focus on the few but serious remaining challenges that the local manufacturing industry is facing.

On where he sees Alam Group in the next few years, he says the Group has been in existence for over half a century thanks to its unique selling prepositions that make it one of the biggest players in the local market. “We still strive to reach greater heights and are working towards maintaining and improving our ranking so yeah I see Alam Group dominating more of the market in years to come,” he says.

“I call upon all Ugandans to continue being proud of their own. Let’s work together to building a greater Uganda, this starts with supporting fellow Ugandans so I would like to see more Ugandans indulging in the BUBU campaign to improve on the quality and quantity of local manufactured goods. Let’s Buy Uganda to Build Uganda!”

Alam product portfolio

  • Casements Africa Ltd (aluminum steel and glass fabrication)
  • Rhino Footwear (gumboots and other protective wear)
  • Sugar and Allied Industries Ltd (Kaliro Sugar and Co-gen electricity)
  • Oxygas Ltd (all types of gases – Medical, industrial and cooking).

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