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Alfasan’s World Class Veterinary Drugs

February 27, 2020
Alfasan’s World Class Veterinary Drugs

Alfasan is a certified Good Manufacturing Practice Fac tory, a system for ensuring that products are constantly produced according to scientifically-acceptable quality standards.

This covers aspects of production from the starting of materials, premises, equipment, to the training and personal hygiene of staff. National Drug Authority audits Alfasan production processes and issues a certificate of Authority to the Company, and in so doing, Alfasan is curbing down on drug shortages and prices, and developing technical expertise as well as creating employment for professional nationals in the veterinary pharmaceuticals sector.

It also contributes to BUBU policy an economic development philosophy, which the Government is promoting. The company will be training farmers in animal husbandry practices and also hosting university veterinary students who undertake research in the development of various veterinary pharmaceuticals.

Alfasan has about nine products. They include Neotetra, Chick Plus, Cocontrol, Alfacycline 20, Finiworm, Alfavit forte, Egg Sytic, among others.

Veterinary drugs production at Alfasan is in three phases:

  1. The first phase comprises of injectables, oral liquids, and hydro soluble powders.
  2. The second phase includes Acaricides
  3. The third phase includes Vaccines.

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